Performance Reviews

      • THE NEW YORK TIMES “Daniel Graham is at home in many styles, and his program of piano music at the 92nd Street Y on Sunday evening worked as well in the intricate architecture of Bach’s C minor Partita as in the foggy, often convoluted gloom of the Szymanowski Third Sonata. Mr. Graham is an intelligent and refined musician who possesses an impressively reliable technique.” – Bernard Holland
      • VOLKSSTIME, Vienna “We were treated in the Brahms Hall to the American Daniel Graham, an outstanding pianist with a fine feeling for contrasts and a stupendous technique.” –K
      • THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, London “I would willingly have listened to a whole evening of the American pianist Daniel Graham playing Bach, so compelling was his performance of the French Suite No. 6.”
      • DER TAGESPIEGEL, Berlin Emotional enthusiasm and radiant power.”
      • CORRIERE DEL’ADDA, Lodi “The excellent technical skills of the pianist, the refined quality of the sounds that he extracts from his instrument, his highly personal and vigorous style were all adequately appreciated by the audience, who applauded the performance at length.” – Piercarlo Mattea
      • THE LONDON TIMES “The American pianist Daniel Graham aroused high expectations with his immensely characterful yet stylish disciplined account of Bach’s sixth French Suite.” – Joan Chissell
      • LODISETTE, Milan “The evening of music was a total success, enthusiastically received, with prolonged calls for encores.”
      • GREELEY TRIBUNE “Graham’s appearance makes concert exciting.” (Beethoven Concerto No. 1 in C Major) – JSU
        “Pianist Daniel Graham’s performance of Bach’s Concerto in D Minor with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra Tuesday night gave the audience more of what Greeley has come to expect from him – sensitivity and precision.” – Janet D. Prichard
      • THE HARTFORD TIMES   Daniel Graham, in a piano recital last night in the Crystal Ballroom at St. Joseph’s College, brought total warmth and technical fluency to a program that included the music of Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin.” – George W. Stowe 
        “He is a serious artist who is willing to explore music off the beaten track and that is the highest sort of recommendation.”
        – George W. Stowe
      • PUEBLO STAR JOURNAL “As an interpreter of piano literature, Daniel Graham is sophisticated and secure.” – Barbara Geiser Beck

Album Reviews

Brahms Piano Music


AUDIO “ Daniel Graham makes a fine bold Brahms man, accurate and non smudgy (Brahms is easy to smudge up with the pedal) but full of fire. Obviously he has the intelligence not to be afraid of an all-out specialty like this.” – Edward Tatnall Canby
CLAVÍER “This is a convincingly happy, exciting Brahms, a disc I enjoyed and recommend.” – Dean Elder
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN LISZT SOCIETY “Daniel Graham’s approach to this music is warm and exuberant, full-toned and vibrant, very well recorded. The disc is highly recommended.” – F. E. Kirby
THE PIANO QUARTERLY “Strong performances by Daniel Graham.”

Adolph Von Henset Etudes

thumbnail_henselt_Daniel_Graham E TENNESSEAN Daniel Graham may take his place with pride, for his recording of the two sets of 12 characteristic Etudes, Op2 and 5 of Adolph von Henselt shows him the possessor of notable technical equipment and sensitive musicianship.” – Louis Nicholas
LOS ANGELES TIMES “…solid mechanical assurance and fervor…” – Robert Riley
THE NASHVILLE BANNER “Altogether it is a disc of magnificent piano playing of unknown music which deserves to be heard.”  
– Werner Zepernick
THE PIANO QUARTERLY “Strong performances by Daniel Graham.” – F. E. Kirby
THE HARTFORD TIMES Graham has them all under admirable control from dashing bravura to the sentiment indicated in such subtitles as ‘Thunderstorm, you can’t beat me down.” – Dorothy Stowe
CLAVÍER “They (Henselt Etudes) are played by Daniel Graham in the brilliant, swashbuckling style that these astonishingly difficult nineteenth century pieces demand.”
STEREO REVIEW “Mr. Graham plays the hell out of them.” – James Goodfriend

Szymanovski Sonatas

Szymanowski_Daniel_Graham STEREO REVIEW “Daniel Graham seems to be a committed advocate; he is certainly a powerful one. He projects the expressive character of the music with convincing intensity and deals with the technical challenges as if he enjoyed them.” – R. F.
ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Graham handles them with confidence, forcefulness and indisputable style.” (Szymanowski Sonatas)  
– Anne M. Culver
PIANO QUARTERLY Good performances by Daniel Graham.” – F. E. Kirby

Nikolay Medtner Works for Piano

thumbnail_medtner_Daniel_GrahamSTEREO REVIEW “The performance by Daniel Graham are vital and straightforward.” – D. H

Piano Magic

Piano Magic Daniel GrahamKEYBOARD “His arrangements are sensitive and affectionate, while never schmaltzy. He is a marvelous player, and he finds the right spots to display a variety of clever pianistic devices.” –Jim Aikin

Violin Rarities Robert Murry, violin. Anton Ruinsten The Four Violin Sonatas with Daniel Graham, Piano


AUDIO “Daniel Graham’s piano full of energy, reflecting Rubinstein’s own masterful pianism.” – Edward Tatnall Canby