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Waltzes Op. 39

The Op. 39 Waltzes is a set of 16 short waltzes composed in 1865 and published in 1866. They were written for piano four hands and also arranged for piano solo by the composer. Written while the composer lived in Vienna, they were inspired by the waltz dance that was so popular in Vienna at...
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Variations and Fugue – Johannes Brahms

The Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel was written in 1861 and consists of a set of twenty-five variations and a final fugue. Biographer Jan Swafford describes the Handel Variations as "perhaps the finest set of piano variations since Beethoven.” It is a masterful work that takes the simplicity of the theme taken...
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Op. 118 – Johannes Brahms

Composed in 1893, Brahms’ Six Pieces for Piano are dedicated to Clara Schumann and is considered one of his finest works for solo piano. Published during his lifetime, Op. 118 is introspective, but also exhibits moments of virtuosity that was more prevalent in Brahms’ earlier compositions. Performed by Daniel Graham Dedicated to Leon Fleisher in recognition of...
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